Finding Economic Stimulus Opportunities

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a hefty and confusing document.  Deciphering it is a challenge, and there’s an even bigger challenge figuring out what the economic stimulus law really means to an individual business.  A thorough review is required as some of the nuggets for a particular business may be well-hidden.  For example, there’s a single sentence that could mean major opportunity for businesses focused on providing public safety products and services…and that sentence is located under the Department of Education section – not where you would expect to find an item related to safety of the general public.

Once the bill is deciphered for potential opportunity, the work is only just begun.  Distribution of the economic stimulus funds will come through an ever-changing labyrinth.  Navigating it will be tricky.

Still, the effort could be worth the hassle.  Although some of the opportunity may be hidden in the ARRA, the numbers could be daunting and encouraging for businesses looking to grow or hang on while the economy is so weak.


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