Gartner says U.S. Government is the next emerging market article by Andy Opsahl Wednesday describes the findings in a just-released Gartner report entitled Global Scenarios: The U.S. Government is the Next Emerging Market.  The report highlights research from IHS Global Insight, and predicts dollar growth in government spending will be greater than the entire GDP of Russia and Brazil (fueled mostly by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) .

In a GovTech interview with Jorge Lopez, a co-author of the report, Lopez further predicts there will be “a dramatic uptick of government sales among IT vendors.”  He warns many of these vendors will not have experience selling to the government; and agencies should prepare their organizations and systems for a marked increase in the number of submitted proposals. 

We agree whole-heartedly.  On the negative side, vendors who do not know how to navigate these waters may find themselves “out of the running” due to improper procedural issues or inadequate linking of their offerings to funding sources.  On the positive side, vendors who adapt to this opportunity will bring new innovations and solutions to a growing market in need of greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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