National “Online Dialogue” for Stimulus Transparency Announced

 The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the OMB has announced the upcoming start of a “national online dialogue” to determine how to make a single source for citizens to monitor expenditures from the American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA).  For one week, beginning April 27, “leading IT vendors, thinkers and consumers” with ideas on how to improve the transparency of tracking government expenditures will be able to log on and share their thoughts.  Apparently, participants will be able to recommend, review, and vote on tools and ideas, with the most broadly favored approaches rising to the top.

The announcement does not indicate if there are any qualification requirements to be a “leading IT” vendor/thinker/consumer, or if anyone with an opinion can participate.  It will certainly be interesting to follow the level of response and see how the RAT Board (anyone else think that’s funny?) wades through what could be a massive amount of feedback data.


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