Companies Hiring Grant Experts

No surprise here.  Companies interested in doing business with the government are beginning to line up grant expertise to help prospective customers navigate the choppy waters of economic stimulus. 

Motorola, one of the largest vendors of government products and services, has announced it has hired a former U.S. Department of Justice official to head their Government and Enterprise Fundings Programs. 

Domingo Harraiz should know the topic well.  He was director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which handles many of the Justice Department’s public safety grant programs.  Among them is the Byrne/Justice Assistance Grant program, which received a huge boost from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

Motorola has also launched a grant resource web site with tips on finding and writing grants.  Of course, they’re touting Motorola’s “end-to-end” communications solutions.  (Hey, MOTO, where’s mention of the state stabilization funds?)

Motorola is not the only one.  Government vendors have been adding at least mentions of federal grant funding to their web sites in rapid pace. 

Based on past experience, we believe government buyers will welcome these resources…as long as the products and services touted solve their problems, tie nicely to the grant programs, and produce strong values.  That’s where the challenge lies.  It’s not that difficult to point to grant programs.  Resources abound.  The key to success is truly understanding the processes…but, more importantly relating a company’s products and services to the right grant programs for the right customers.


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