DoD Gets Stimulus Money for Construction

The Department of Defense has announced details surrounding $835 million in stimulus money investments.  This is in addition to the $6.1 billion already detailed on March 20.  There are more than 850 improvement projects here, aimed at Army and Army National Guard facilities in 37 states.  More than half of this money will be distributed in five states: 

  • Texas ($155 million)
  • Kentucky ($83 million)
  • North Carolina ($83 million)
  • Oklahoma ($66 million)
  • Hawaii ($59 million).

Projects appear to be aimed mostly at renovations and repairs of facilities, living quarters and road infrastructure.

Not in the construction business and wondering where your opportunity lies?  First, the “construction” projects will be multi-faceted in nature and will no doubt include a variety of supplier types (IT, services, telephony, etc.).  Second, it’s a safe bet that many of these projects were originally included in an operating budget somewhere.  Stimulus money that now covers these initiatives may free up budget money to be spent elsewhere.  Smart businesses targeting the DoD will look for this underlying potential.


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