DOJ Releases $484 Million in Stimulus Money for Public Safety

The Department of Justice has announced the release of $484 million in stimulus funds to “maintain or increase public safety” and protect law enforcement jobs.  These funds are a part of the $4 billion Recovery Act allocation administered through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG).  They are allocated by formula according to population density and crime statistics, with 60% going directly to the state and 40% going directly to local agencies.

Top 5 states to receive funds so far are:

Florida, $81 million
Michigan, $41 million
Tennessee, $30.8 million
New Jersey, $29.7 million
Maryland, $26.5 million

Justice-related technology continues to be a recurring spending theme with the states, as does drug deterrence and enforcement, juvenile justice, and educational programs.

Local agencies still have time to respond with their Recovery Act requests as applications are due on May 18. 



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