Stimulus-related Green Announcement Points to Opportunity for Services Business

According to Federal News Radio, some of the $4 billion stimulus plan that was budgeted to renovate public housing will be spent on “green inititatives”–mostly making these dwellings more energy efficient.  Also, an additional $500 million from the stimulus will be made available to train workers for these jobs.   Projects will include replacing windows, insulation, appliances and light bulbs.  Some of the money for public housing also would be used for basic repairs and maintenance.

While clear opportunity exists for manufacturers of these types of products, the news also highlights another area of opportunity related to services.  Training, for example, is woven throughout the stimulus as new initiatives are deployed.  Look for other possibilities related to system engineering, system integration, process consulting, and accounting, as agencies from top to bottom strive to meet transparency goals. 

Service-oriented vendors must learn to navigate government like their OEM counterparts in order to capitalize on stimulus and non-stimulus related projects.  Doing so might just help them see more “green.”


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