RAT Oversight for Government Contracts

If you’ve not heard of the RAT Board, you will.  The RAT board is the Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board (and I suspect they have another name for themselves other than the RAT Board).  The RAT members are the Inspectors General of various federal agencies with the daunting job of watching for waste and fraud from the economic stimulus law. 

Government Executive says 7% of federal funding is wasted.  If that holds true, the economic stimulus law could result in 55-billion-dollars in waste.  Wow!  RAT member J. Russell Gregory of the Treasury Department told Government Executive’s Robert Brodsky that the board doesn’t expect a miracle of no waste from economic stimulus, but “Our task is to minimize it to the greatest extent practicable”.  Among other things, the Board is responsible for managing recovery.gov, the web site the administration has promised to be a tell-all for economic stimulus. 

With such a daunting task and so much ground to cover, the RAT board won’t get in direct sight of most government vendors.   But, you can be assured that the buyers you deal with will be stepping very carefully to avoid the wrath of the RAT board.  Be prepared to help your customers by making dang sure you are offering strong value.  You’ll be helping yourself, too.


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