State & Local Agencies Can Now Access Federal GSA Vendors

According to a press release by the U.S. General Services Administration, state and local customers can now access and request quotations from preapproved GSA vendors.  The online system is labeled “e-Buy,” and can be used for accessing GSA’s multiple awards schedules.  GSA says this will provide greater access to vendors, providing “disaster recovery, information technology, and Homeland Security products, services, and solutions.” 

In addition,  GSA says e-Buy will soon expand its capabilities, allowing users to identify Recovery Act-funded acquisitions.  This would make it easier for agencies to comply with mandatory reporting requirements from the ARRA.


Whether or not state and local agencies will broadly adopt the online solution is yet to be determined.  However, vendors selling to government should keep a close eye on this.  Companies undecided as to the value of pursuing a GSA schedule may find this pushes them over the edge if the tool catches on with state and local buyers. 

Further, vendors should be proactively developing relationships with other partners as the trend in teaming agreements continue to rise.  Vendors lacking a GSA schedule may access purchasing vehicles through other companies, capitalizing on this new potentially important credibility source.



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