Grant Support Program Announced

Many vendors understand that grants can drive business, particularly in these days of economic stimulus and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  We hear vendors talk about it every day.  Not so many understand how to do it, though.  It’s not easy, but done correctly grant programs can in effect build a company.  (We’ve seen it first hand…more than once.)

Ingram Micro seems to be on the right track.  They’ve rolled out what they say is are “unrivaled lead generation and grants intelligence services “.  Calling it “IMStimulus” in thier press release, Ingram Micro is making the service available to their channel partners.  They say the service provides:  end-user needs assessments, grant availability and tracking, grant writing and sales expertise.  Ingram appears to be charging its channel partners for the service, with a credit issued once Ingram receives an order through the grant support program.

We only know what we read about the service, but at least on the surface, we’re impressed.  It looks like their IMStimulus contains quite a few of the elements required to build business through grants.

Many companies say they offer grant support services, but we’ve not seen many who seem to understand that success comes from more than simply pointing potential customers to grant sources (which they probably know already anyway) and offering a bit of language for a grant application.  Ingram seems to have figured it out, and has apparently developed a program to help their channel partners understand it, too.  Way to go Ingram!


One comment on “Grant Support Program Announced

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