Another Economic Stimulus?

There’s a good bit of talk of another economic stimulus law.  Administration and congressional leaders appear to be testing the waters.  Some, mostly Democrats, say another ARRA-type law may be needed.  Others, mostly Republicans, say another stimulus is not necessary, that the first one wasn’t a good idea in the first place.

With trial balloons being floated, one thing is for sure:  a second economic stimulus law is on the table now, up for debate.  The debate is underway even though a small percentage of the 787-billion-dollar ARRA has been spent.   

We’re hearing government vendors complain that they’ve not seen the promised impact of economic stimulus.  We tend to look at it more optimistically.  Although funds may not have made their way into vendors’ pockets, there’s been an impact.  The impact can be seen in government decision-maker and buyer openness to listening to strong value propositions, particularly in those areas directly addressed by ARRA. 

On one hand, we’re seeing good vendors put strong tactics into play, making sure that they’re standing out from the pack as problem-solvers during difficult times.   On the other hand, we’re seeing some vendors hide behind the tough economy and not addressing management, product, marketing and sales problems.  (This game of hide-and-seek, mostly hide, always occurs in bad economies.)

Whether there’s another economic stimulus law, we obviously don’t know.  (If forced to bet, I personally would put my money on another one.)  Regardless, the first one opens opportunity for government vendors.  There may not be a quick buck to be made…but, at least government buyers are generally open to hearing what good vendors with good stories and strong value propositions have to say.


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