Department of Defense Starts Blog to Seek Input on Future Social Media Policy

In efforts to receive feedback on social media policy, the Department of Defense has set up a blog for service families to provide input.  An article on discusses the conflict between the DoD’s need to maintain security and a family-members’ need to have contact with their deployed loved one (accomplished over social media sites).  

In response, officials have set up the “DoD Web 2.0 Guidance Forum.”  Posts are made and public comments are requested.  Questions are asked such as:

  • How valuable and what are the benefits of Web 2.0/social media tools to military families with love ones who are deployed?
  • Is this a critical necessity, or merely a useful addition to your options?
  • What impact would there be to families, with loves ones who are deployed, if Web 2.0/social media tools were NOT available to military members serving over seas?
  • When communicating with your love ones who are deployed, which social medium do you use most frequently?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will apparently factor in any public comments to future policy, and will accept input through August 20.


While it is difficult to identify direct implications for contractors, the situation is certainly interesting to watch (and may spark some creative thinking for some of you out there).  This is the first such effort by the DoD to create a blog feedback environment.  It clearly reinforces the growing importance of social media across our society.  Government agencies and businesses alike can not afford to ignore the power of social media, nor can they afford to ignore the potential pitfalls.  The DoD blog illustrates this tension well.



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