Broadband Grant App Deadline Tomorrow

The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) and Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) grant application deadline is tomorrow.  And, according to an article on the Urgent Communicationswebsite, the volume of applicants may not be as high as originally thought.  According to the advisory arm of Alcatel-Lucent (a group geared toward helping companies apply for broadband grants), rules surrounding grants and short time frames may have inhibited potential applicants from moving forward.

Alcatel-Lucent expected 40% of the proposals it received would ultimately be submitted for grant funding.  Now it appears only 15% of these will actually result in applications.  According to Rich Wonders (great name) VP of Strategic Marketing for Alcatel-Lucent, narrow definitions and difficulty in estimating required network capacity may have deterred some companies and organizations from responding.

First round funding recipients are slated to be notified around November 7 (expect this to push out despite the reduced volume of applicants).  There are two additional rounds of funding over the next six months, though according to the article, there are rumors the remaining two could be combined into one.



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