ARRA Grant Recipient Registration Site Open

Recipients of ARRA funds are now able to register with the government.  Starting yesterday, state and local governments, contractors, etc. receiving a grant of $25,000 or more through the Recovery Act can register at   This registration process is the first step to fulfilling reporting requirements, a process that begins officially October 1.  Recipients will have until October 10 to submit reports outlining things such as the amount of money received and spent, project scope, and jobs created.

Officials are reminding registering organizations they must have DUNS numbers (obtainable at and be a part of the federal government’s Central Contracting Registry (CCR) database (at prior to registering for federal reporting.

It is expected between 150,000 and 200,000 recipients will file reports by October 10 according to a RAT Board press release.



One comment on “ARRA Grant Recipient Registration Site Open

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