It’s Tuna Time for Government Contracting!

Well, it’s that time of the year. Yes, the time that all federal sales and business development people long for…the end of the fiscal year when buyers are in a frenzy placing last-minute orders.

I had a high-peforming colleague who, every year about now, would announce, “Hey everybody, it’s tuna time!”. Then, watch out, a whirl of activity would occur. He would go into Tuna Time Mode. And, he was a dang good fisherman, taking advantage of that often-elusive run of activity. He would make his year’s objective (and often the company’s year) in the last weeks of the federal fiscal year.

Some were amazed. Others were biting their nails.

Here’s what they hadn’t seen: our tuna fisherman had been working toward the buying season all year long. He was always laying the groundwork for the frenzy that he knew would occur. This included constantly developing an understanding of his customer’s missions…even a passionate understanding. It was that understanding that made him successful, not Tuna Time. In fact, there would have been no Tuna Time without it.

Now, he’s president of a company…and I assure you he’s still yelling the Tuna Time battle cry!

Note: As for me, I’m writing this post on my Blackberry on my way to Denver for the Great American Beer Fest. You see, in my business of helping companies sell to government, this is not Tuna Time for me. It’s a good time to take a couple of days off for a beer quest. If my clients aren’t prepared for Tuna Time by now, too late to do anything about it this year.


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