Is Economic Stimulus Finally Stimulating?

I’m in the middle of several weeks of travel, in part to see government contractors and prospects for clients. By golly, I believe I’m hearing something different than I did on similar trips a couple of months ago. Several times this week, I was told by government officials that they’re being told that their “wish list” projects for economic stimulus are being dusted off, with word of funding coming soon. On my last similar road trip, I mostly heard disbelief that economic stimulus was going to help move government initiatives forward.

A government communications business development consultant I know told me that, just this week, he heard that two of his dormant projects were about to move forward. And, our company this week heard the first peep we’ve heard in months from a federal government project we have been pursuing.

I don’t have quantitative evidence to prove my point…but, it sure seems like there are interesting things buzzing around. (I confess to being pleased that I’m not trying to make a living in the private sector these days.)

All the best,



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