“Digital Cities” Survey Shows Trends in Local IT Initiatives

The Center for Digital Government has just released its annual Survey of Cities exploring how municipalities are using information technology to better serve citizens.  According to a post on govtech.com that analyzes the report, cities are reaching out to a wider range of citizens through technology, and are becoming increasingly concerned about their environmental impact.  Findings from the survey include:

Online Self-service

  • 82 percent of respondents have webcasts — streamed audio and video, live and archived
  • 74 percent have RSS feeds (up 21 percent over last year)

Citizen Participation and Transparency

  • 87 percent have city government body meeting minutes available online, archived and searchable
  • 73 percent conduct online surveys or polls
  • 57 percent have podcasts (a 26 percent increase over last year)
  • 67 percent have blogs (a 37 percent increase over last year)
  • 62 percent have microblogs (such as Twitter)
  • 64 percent use social networks (such as Facebook and MySpace)

Environment Sustainability

  • 85 percent have done data center consolidation and virtualization
  • 45 percent have established metrics and installed instruments to measure energy efficiencies
  • 66 percent use e-waste recycling efforts and earth-friendly disposal

Cities were selected for their IT leadership as it relates to citizens.  Winning cities in each population category include:

Corpus Christi, TX (250,000+ population)
Nifty projects:
-Automated gas and electricity meter reading with online billing
-Police car video surveillance and online storage
-Document management

Santa Monica, California (75,000 – 124,999 population)
Nifty projects:
-Traffic signal synchronization through fiber-optic network
-Wireless app showing available parking spots

Flower Mound, Texas (30,000 – 74,999 population)
Nifty projects:
-Fiber optic network that reduced operating expenditures by $150,000
-Extensive use of social media
-IT energy-saving initiatives



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