Government Contractors in Iraq not Withdrawing as Quickly as Military Personnel

Though the military is “aggressively accomplishing its drawdown” in Iraq, the government contractors supporting the military aren’t going quite so easily according to an article on Federal News Radio and a report from the Commission on Wartime Contracting.  It appears as if contractor staff members exceed the required level of support in many cases. 

“In fact,” there are come very noticeable examples that were brought out (in a hearing yesterday) where there are a lot of people sitting around waiting to work,” according to Commission co-chair Michael Thibault.

Both military officials and contractors are pointing fingers at each other.  Military officials say it is the contractor’s responsibility to identify where they see significant numbers of staff sitting around idle.  Contractors say they aren’t getting any guidance from the DoD contracting officers, and they have an obligation to maintain staff levels until instructed otherwise.

“The solution will require exceptional communication on both parties,” said Thibault.    However, we suspect deeper communication on this issue won’t really happen.  Companies are not incentivized to communicate about staff cuts that reduce their revenue numbers.  Military officials see their staff being drawn down, and most likely like the idea of having some extra bodies in place “just in case.”



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