Federal Appropriations Post Mid-term Elections

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With mid-term elections behind us, what will the Federal appropriations process be like for next year?  According to an article on Government Executive’s website, the shift in power will leave a “dark cloud” over the budget and appropriations process in the short-term.  Even if the Republican-led House and the Democratic-led Senate each manage to pass budget proposals next year, it is popular thinking they will have a hard time agreeing on a single unified approach.

“You would imagine it would be very difficult to reconcile if the House and Senate each are able to pass a budget resolution individually…given the pledges [House Republicans] have made for deep cuts in spending…and no increases in revenues,” said Jim Horney, deputy Democratic staff director on the Senate Budget Committee from 2001 to 2004.

There is still hope that common ground can be reached following President Obama’s deficit commission report in December.  The commission, created by an executive order, is charged with making recommendations to Congress on how to reduce the deficit.

In all, look for significant grand standing, finger-pointing and verbal sparring as the American people’s new “mandate” works itself out in the budgeting process. 


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