Top U.S. “Digital Cities” Reveal Government Technology Trends

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Which city governments are considered leaders in e-government initiatives that provide real returns on investment?

That question was the focus of an annual survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government and Government Technology magazine.  The 10th annual survey measures and assesses the use of information technology by local governments.

According to the results released last week, here are the top winners in each population category:

250,000 or more population

125,000-249,999 population
Richmond, Va.

75,000-124,999 population
Pueblo, Colo

30,000-74,999 population
Castle Rock, Colo.


In the past, municipalities were able to invest in technologies that made life easier (or were just plain cool).  Given today’s economic climate, technology investments are geared towards initiatives that provide measurable returns on investment.  Collaborative projects are examples of this. Shared networks have become more common over the past few years, and many believe shared applications will be the hot trend over the next 12 to 18 months.

For technology vendors selling to the government, illustrating clear and measurable value is the goal.  And, creating solutions and applications that can be shared by multiple departments across a municipality will have broader appeal.  Analyzing the winners of this year’s Digital Cities awards reveals that opportunity for technology in government has not died;  the game has just become more interesting.

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