GSA Launches “Making Gov Mobile” Project

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Yesterday, the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Citizen Services began publishing its list of top ten challenges facing federal agencies developing a mobile presence.  The office says it will publish one challenge online each day, along with an open forum for agencies to discuss the challenge and offer tips.

The initiative is labeled the “Making Gov Mobile Project,” and is aimed at addressing how government services and public information intersects with the growing public trend toward mobile device adoption.

The goal of the initiative, according to the GSA website, is to help government embrace the promise of mobile by:

  • educating federal department and agency leadership, program staff, and IT staff on the benefits of mobile use
  • developing criteria to identify better projects and better ways to implement them
  • encouraging mobile strategy and technology investment decisions to meet agency mission goals
  • spurring and modeling interagency collaboration to accelerate Mobile Gov.
The public is invited to participate in the discussion, providing feedback to the various highlighted challenges and ultimately offering specific application ideas.
We applaud the efforts here to “crowd source” ideas for mobile solutions.  The challenge, as always, is getting the word out to creative thinkers who might provide some real, valuable input.  Of course, really great ideas may never be posted publicly for fear of diluting any potential commercial value.  Still, contractors may at least get insight on what the GSA identifies as its top mobile barriers.  As we say often, understanding prospect pain is the road to opportunity.

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