Government Needs Value More than Ever

As a guest on a Kansas City radio station a few days ago to talk about our book, “Seven Myths of Selling to Government“, I was asked how this could be a good time to sell to the government when the federal government is struggling to meet its obligations.  I think I startled the host when I said, “Are you kidding me?  Now’s a great time to sell to government…especially if you’re trying to break into the government market.”  It’s quite simple.  Now, more than ever, government buyers are looking for value.  That means they’ll be more open when you approach them with the value you offer.

Think of it in your own life.  When your personal budget is tight, aren’t you more aware of better ways to spend your money?  You don’t stop spending money, do you?  You look for ways to spend it more wisely.

You may run into people within the government who say, “Funds are tight, and we’re not in the market.”  Well, you’re talking to the wrong people.  Either they’re not really involved in buying your type of product or service, or these same people would have  brushed you off when tight government budgets weren’t in the news constantly.  Keep trying.

That is, keep trying if (a) you really have a product or service that will provide real value, and (b) you know how to articulate the value.  (These are two different things…equally important.)

This was a particularly fun radio interview.  The host even had his 12-year-old son on.  That is the show was fun until the 12-year-old stumped me on a question.  You can get to the radio interview here.

All the best,



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