We are the Champions (Support Them for Government Contracting Success)

In the State of Washington, citizens have another way to interact with their legislators through a new online commenting system launched last week.  Constituents now have the ability to click a link on the bill’s webpage and provide comments.  The website automatically determines the constituent’s district and sends a message to the corresponding legislators.  Nice.

One wonders why this kind of thing isn’t more prevalent.  The technology is not that complex, and the benefits are evident.  Why hasn’t this approach been adopted nationally?  I suspect behind this initiative is a “champion” within the state government.  A person who just “couldn’t let this go” and was willing to step up and lead the effort.

Identifying and supporting champions are a key to success in government contracting.  As you talk with friends and acquaintances within government, ask them to identify the “go-getters” within their agency.  Find out who has a passion for a particular pet project and why.  This person may not hold the grandest title.  But, he/she may just have the drive, desire and influence to get things done.  If you can show this type of person how you can solve a problem and help them achieve their goal, you’re well on your way to a successful government sale.


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